What should I do if yahoo deletes my inactive account?

    Yahoo is a famous platform for it users. It has been into existence from last many years and is still a popular platform. It brings some of the really useful applications right on one platform. Using these applications is easy because one can sign into their yahoo mail account to avail these wonderful applications of yahoo.

    Yahoo is a user oriented mail platform that makes it easy for users to use it for common mail exchange. Most of these applications are user friendly and useful but in case of any issues, user may obtain easy help with Yahoo contact number.

    Yahoo mail is integral platform but when users does not use it in daily routine Yahoo Mail deactivates the unused accounts regularly. If your account is deactivated you will not have access to your account's passwords, attachments, and other components. Discover why Yahoo is removing old email accounts and how to maintain an active Yahoo email account.

    Why Yahoo Mail Deactivates Accounts?

    If you go through your Yahoo Mail account for more than a year without logging in, Yahoo may delete your messages from its servers to make room for other users. For everyone, inactive accounts slow down the service, so keeping servers clean helps Yahoo Mail to be fast and responsive to those who use it.

    Apart from inactivity, if you order Yahoo to delete your account or breach Yahoo's terms of service, Yahoo might close your account.

    If you have deactivated your mail account you will see a message when you sign in. It could mean that your account has been deactivated or you cannot reset your password.

    How to Keep Your Yahoo Account Active?

    Sign in every now and then to make sure your Yahoo Mail account stays active. When you use different email providers, synchronize your other email accounts with Yahoo Mail. This will help you get all of your messages in one location. That way, in Yahoo Mail, you will read your emails and you will be stopping the deletion of your account.

    What to Do If You’re Email Account Is Inactive?

    • If you have deactivated your account within the past 90 days, you may be able to restore it by contacting Yahoo Mail help. If not, sign in to a new account.
    • Upon deletion of your account, your screen name will become available to new users. If someone argues that, the new account would require a different screen name.
    • Data in this regard refers to the Yahoo Mail web sites as well as the iOS and Android Yahoo Mail mobile app.
    • When you face any issues with this, you may contact yahoo helpline uk for help.


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